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From misscrochetfingers, Tales From Retail:

Short tale today that almost made my head explode.

We sell very pretty ornaments. This particular one is a glass ball painted from the inside out so all the design is inside the ornament, not the outside. So this woman comes in PISSED off that an ornament she got as a gift had a black marker mark on it. She claimed that we should inspect every ornament as they come in (great idea, but not possible with us getting over 5,000 this year).

I asked to look at the ornament and I literally, literally rubbed my finger across the ornament and the black marker mark came off. I looked at her, she looked at me, took the ornament and stormed out of the store.

I'm like, seriously?






"an ornament she got as a gift had a black marker mark on it"
Marshall your troops for WW III.


My money on she put the mark on herself so she had a reason to complain.

Jason Anderson

i have women constantly coming back complaining about how their brand new watch battery is already dead.. Did you take out the little clip to stop if from running while it was on display or in transit to the store? I just pop it out and VOILA..I also once had a lady complain that her shoulder strap from her purse was missing, months after it was bought.. I opened the still never used purse and showed her the strap was neatly folded inside.. Some people need padded walls and a helmet..

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