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HappynewyearsHey there RHU, just wanted to impart a little bit of wisdom!

In case you're not big on posting comments, RHU uses Typepad to schedule and post your stories, photos and comments. Once in a while, Typepad will be having issues. This usually results in site errors, trouble posting comments, trouble loading the site, etc.

Now we admit, sometimes doubles get posted; this is usually because Ilia (Me) likes to schedule stuff ahead of time. This usually also means that the upcoming month is mostly done long before the 1st even gets here. (We have time slots that we use, but we also leave a couple free for your submitted content, so don't ever feel like you missed your chance to send us something!) Freddy schedules a few days in advance. While we do try to coordinate and communicate, sometimes things happen.

Don't be afraid to send an email to [email protected] if you saw that picture last week! (Also don't be afraid to call on us if we've got a troll in the dungeon.)

However, if the site is loading funny, or you can't login to post a comment, or other such side-browsing issues, chances are good that Typepad is down.

Pay a visit to: (seriously, click it and bookmark it) to find out what's going on. It's pretty likely that Freddy and/or Ilia are already beating their heads against the wall because they're trying to get content up for you to enjoy in the future and the site's giving us the middle finger as well. XD

Anyway, we want to wish you a very Happy And Safe New Year.



Kai Lowell

And a happy new year to you guys as well! Here's to another year of RHU!


Happy New Year to the hardworking crew behind one of my favorite websites!


Have you ever considered Disqus or other program for the comments? It would be nice to have more conversation ability and to know when people respond to our comments and questions without having to repeatedly pull up posts to review.

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