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McHell Manager

On one hand, it's a shitty policy that no one is allowed to request off. On the other hand, I agree with the "call off and be fired" thing. As a former McManager, it drastically reduces the "well I got scheduled but I don't wanna cause it's New Years Eve!!!!" I could always tell when someone was legit calling off sick or if they just didn't want to work. We were a business, and as such had to have staff to run the business.


From what I understand this is pretty normal. Those are the days you really don't want to be understaffed.


I appreciate that they are warning them in advance. Also this policy limits the chance of favorites being played.

Misty Meanor

I feel like this could easily be abused in many ways.

Late Night Geek

It is a shitty policy. The firing of those who don't show up without an actual emergency I stand with. I stopped volunteering for a extra hours on a certain holiday because of a combination of the people not showing up not being punished for it and expected to work 32 hours plus straight. Grant it, I would've been the only 3rd shift employee left for a few years running.

I would put a volunteer list for holidays that they would be open. I know this may not work at other places, 1 place I worked at was open shortened hours on Thanksgiving and they had more people signing up than shifts than shifts available. As an employee who usually works most holidays, I may want another day that isn't the holiday itself so I visit family then.

(If this sounds Grinchy at all, I apologize. Most of my holiday spirit has been shot, run over, and lit on fire by the people I work who believe I need to pull a 32 hour plus shift every holiday.)


I loved working holidays when I was in retail. Mind you, I got overtime. Also, none of the places I worked had such long hours that I had to miss anything I cared about very much entirely--I might be late for dinner but I wouldn't miss it.


Sadly, most places that have cubes wouldn't allow it. Can't have the worker bees getting ideas above their station, after all. Surprisingly, AOhelL was one that I could have done it.. I was told that as long as my modifications weren't attached to the ceiling or permanently attached to the cube walls, my satellite camo net idea was fine.

AOL was actually a decent place to work, aside from no chance for advancement and the high-pitched whining noise after the phone beeped...


Well, derp. 6_9


YOU NEED TO FIND YOUR CAPSLOCK, MANAGER! Oh, wait, I found it. On the one hand, I like that they tell them that, if you call off on those days without a legit reason (and dead relatives will not be counted, unless you can provide the corpse =P), then you consider yourself fired.

On the other hand, this could lead to sick employees working on those days, because they consider themselves not sick enough to stay away from work, but obviously not a condition to actually work.

I didn't mind working holidays. Mostly cause shortened hours, anyway, and I had no big plans, so I wasn't missing anything.

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