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Poll Reminder For Everyone!


C27vxHello my lovely RHUers! This is just a reminder that we have a poll running and we're in need of your votes! In case you don't know where they are, I'm providing links below:

RHU's Most Loathed Christmas Songs Of 2016

What The Fuck Is Wrong With You Christmas Songs

Please pay each of them a visit and either comment your votes or send an email to with your choices! I'll be closing the poll on Friday, December 16th, midnight PST. The votes will be tallied over the weekend and the results will be posted by the following Monday (19th). Please take a little time to cast your votes!





Most "lathed"? The Christmas songs that were attached to a rotating shaft and held against a blade to produce a required shape the most?

Sorry, I don't normally comment on the spelling here, but ....


I can think of at least one song I'd like to be lathed... with a dull tool. With a SPOON.


Tbbbt, spelling error fixed. :p

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