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Random Acts of Retail Kindness 02From  unaumbra, TalesFromRetail

As for backstory I told you all about some money I found Christmas Eve, and today I had this woman come through with a little girl who was 7 years old. The little girl was brought in by her mom so she could spend her Christmas money she got from her family which was on a few gift cards. She had 35 dollars in total on them all together.

The little girl tells me all about her bike she found that she loves. It had a basket, handle bar streamers, and has my little ponies her favorite cartoon. I scan the bike, and it rings up to 53 dollars, and change. The girl hands me the cards, and I run them, and give them the remaining total. The mom looks at me, and said I only have 10 dollars. She turns to the little girl, and tells her she cannot afford the bike. The look on her face was heartbreaking.

Now on Christmas Eve I came into 250 dollars in a pass it forward surprise. I looked at the mom, and told her according to state law the girl was required to have a helmet to ride a bike. The mom frowns more, and I tell my supervisor to cover the counter for a minute, and tell her to follow me.

I take her over to the helmet section, and I see a My Little Pony helmet in the girls size, and she tries it on.

The mom then said, "I cannot afford it."

I told her not to worry about it. We get her some elbow, and knee pads too. I then take them back to the register, and have my supervisor to re-ring the bike, and other stuff.

He then looks at me, and realized what was going on, and tags my discount onto it. I give him the girl's gift cards he runs them, and I finish paying for the rest, and hand the receipt to the mom, and told them Merry Christmas.

The girl was so excited to get the bike, and the mom stuttered trying to thank me. I told her I had a kindness given to me, and when she could just pay it forward. The little girl was so excited as she left, and as she was leaving hollered, "Thank you!" She then looked at her mom, and said, "I GOT A NEW BIKE!"

-- unaumbra




I shouldn't chop onions while reading stuff like this.....


I love stories like this, especially at Christmas. And how perfectly you handled it, and what a great supervisor to fall in with the plan, especially covering the register. Thank you for sharing this.


What a happy little girl.

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