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Retail Acts Of Kindness: Just A Small Word Of Thanks


Random Acts Of Retail Kindness 03From Phantom133, TalesFromRetail

I work in a large chain grocery store, and this happened one night when a coworker and I had closing shift in our department.

I stepped into the back to get my water bottle, and upon coming out, a child came up to me and said, "Thank you for working at [grocery store] sir."

Then the boy went back to his mother in the deli section. This 10 second interaction made my entire day a thousand times better.

Until that point it had been a rather miserable day. Unfortunately, I did not have a chance to thank him, as he went back to his mother so quickly.

I know many of the stories you come across tend to be of ridiculous and annoying customers; but every once in a while you find a brief moment of kindness that somehow makes the entire day better for you.




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