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Carolanne treeFrom RHUer

Oh Thrognar, the article about Nordstrom selling an $80 rock reminded me of something...

Believe it or not, you can buy "Charlie Brown Christmas Trees." Talk about completely missing the point!

My store sold them in fact. They sold faster than actual Christmas trees.

And they were hella expensive, too! Ten dollars for an artificial, bent over "tree" with a single ornament pulling it over sideways.

I’m pretty sure it’s much cheaper to find a piece of twig and glue it onto two pieces of plywood.

It just goes to show corporate will sell anything they think will make a buck, and the sucker born every minute always has a ten dollar bill in their pocket.

Somebody get me a leather pouch and a fucking rock, STAT!





"Somebody get me a leather pouch and a fucking rock, STAT!"

I know where you can get one for 90$...


I happen to own a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. And I think the OP is a dipshit for assuming I'm an idiot for buying one. As a Peanuts fan I love the Christmas movie, and this tickles me a little to have one sitting by my desk at work. I love it and would probably buy another if something happens to this one.

Think before you type next time.


I used to sell those at a crappy hardware store! I never did understand why it expanded into chtochkies every fourth quarter. They were letting somebody rake in profits on the nostalgia of fools that aren't bright enough to stand up their own pine branch.


I was putting to bed the live potted evergreens in the fall, so they live through winter. I found a Charlie Brown tree that would have been tossed. I brought it inside as a joke for the coworkers. We kept it a couple days, then into the compost pile.

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