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Bathroom Hell For Tall People


From tgabben: Spotted in the washroom at work...


Dewey_Oxberger: Wow, I thought I was the only one. The place I used to work added those to the restrooms. They trigger about 90 seconds after the lights come on. That would always be just as I was leaving. I'd get sprayed in the eye every time. I complained. They acted like I was crazy. I hated that place.





Ask politely first, ask not so politely second, 'oops, it got broken'...


So, so glad I am average height. One less thing to worry about.


Sometimes, being tall is a pain in the ass


I'll never know this struggle.

Kai Lowell

Being a short dude, this is one thing I do not have to deal with, and for that I am grateful. Air fresheners taste terrible.


Two jobs ago, one of the bathrooms had one of these things that was dispensing so much air freshener that it made me gag.

I routinely turned it off if nobody else was in the bathroom.

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