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Chapter 5: We Don't Haggle + Bonus Rant


Jason2 045From Kaiser7, TalesFromRetail

My company is a rather large corporation, we're not a mom and pop place and as such, I'm being monitored at all times to the point where I know that my keystrokes are being logged on the register. That being said, what makes you think I'm going to haggle a price with you?

Case in point, two days ago, a man brings up some green tea complex pills. Cool, I scan it, he has his membership card so it costs $15.

"I'll give you 11 for it."

What? No, it's $15.

He then says 12, 13, 14. He stops at 14, adamant that 14 is enough.

It's not because the register says 15.

On that note, people who complain about the prices, shut up. I don't care. You're not being cute or funny. I don't make the prices, I get sent a book every month with shelf tags that my associate and I have to put up before a certain day.

Trust me, I know online prices are cheaper because I buy my supplements online. This store is for noobs. Anyone who is serious already buys their stuff online. So don't pout at the register when I ring you up like I just shit in your Optimum Nutrition whey protein shake.

And one last thing! Stop coming in asking for samples. I'm not your free sample trove. There are 3 people who work here. We remember you and we know you're abusing the privilege.

"But the other store gives them to me..."

Then walk the 30 blocks to the other store. I'll make sure to call them up and remind them that they're not supposed to give away free samples without a purchase. I'll also mention the RSD is in the area and the workers will clam up quick.

I'm cool with giving away samples, but not if you come in every day, 5 days a week.




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