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Insecurity here with a tale on the tail end of the year.
I was working the day shift on the last day of the year with, I'll call him Sharps, because he loves knives and swords almost as much as I do.
Poor sharps got a call from a very, very angry lady. I know she was angry, because I could hear some of the call from the other side of the office.
She started off howling, asking Sharps how to get to us, Sharps brought up good ol' Google on our old, outdated and slow as a constipated walrus computer,and started loading the map. He then asked her for her location and some patience as the computer loaded up.
Well, she was having none of that. I heard the screech of, "WHAT?!?!? You should KNOW!!!"
Evidently, we need to know where in an 80+ square mile metropolitan area you are and then know how to get you to us.
He again asks where she is so he can find her the fastest route. I again hear the inarticulate banshee warble of impotent anger, and then, nothing.
He looks at the phone puzzled, and then shrugs and hangs up. Evidently she decided to direct her anger and the phone and either broke it into a large integer value of separate pieces or just hung up. I got the warm fuzzies thinking that the howler may have broken their expensive phone.
Peace out and may you have a tolerable new year!




"WHAT?!?!? You should KNOW!!!"
Sorry, I traded my ESP for a really good Zod imrpession...

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