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Reason 69,105 in an infinite series, Why Tipping Sucks And Needs To Die In A Fire.


I'm not trying to make light of the situation, but does anyone else feel like this was the diner's way of "putting his two cents in"?

I like tipping, I'd hate to see it go away entirely, but I DO believe that restaurants should pay a living wage and tips should be bonus. I love to reward good service with 30-50% of the bill as a tip when I can afford it, and never less than 20%, even when things are tight or service was bad. It's how I was raised, and how I wish everyone was.


I'm sure that's exactly what it was. So, since tipping is 'directly paying someone's wages' instead of 'a bonus', the waitron gets screwed over because the kitchen, something they have no control over, was busy or poorly run.

Fire. Now.


I'm with Thaliana. I always tip, but the Servers should NOT have to depend on the generosity of asshats to pay their bills and buy food. They deserve a living wage. I'd still tip to reward and thank them for their service, but getting stiffed on a tip should not ruin their entire night because now they can't get gas to get to work, or food to eat.

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