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From eighteenbubbles, Tales From Retail: 

I work inside sales at a kitchen and bath showroom that sells all the pretty things- sinks, faucets, bathtubs, lighting. We don't manufacture anything and we don't do tile, etc. We are strictly fixtures and faucets.

It's a slow day and a young-ish woman comes into the store. She looks pretty normal- jeans, a sweatshirt, sneakers, the same thing that my boss wears everyday (this become important later).

Me: "Hi! What are we looking for today?"

Lady: "I need tile for my shower."

Me: "Oh, I'm sorry, we don't have any tile. There are some really great tile stores near here, though. I can get you some addresses. We only carry fiberglass surrounds."

She completely ignores me and wanders towards my kitchen sinks, which are placed in Formica (pretty laminate) counters. She taps the counters a few times.

L: "I like this. I want to put this in my shower."

Me: "That's Formica. It's not good for shower stalls. It delaminates and can warp and fall off over time. I would try one of the tile stores in town. If you like the pattern on the Formica, they might be able to match it with a nice tile. We don't have any tile or any sort of bathroom walls that aren't fiberglass."

Lady stares at me and wanders over to my collection of granite composite sinks. Next to them are color chips that show what colors the sink can come in. They are really small- an inch by an inch. She lines them up on the counter.

L: "That looks nice. I want those little tiles, and enough of this (the Formica) for my shower."

Me: "Ma'am, those aren't tiles. They are color chips for granite sinks. We don't do any tile here. Would you like some addresses for nearby tile stores?"

OCTOCAROL 208L: "Take my order now, please. My shower is 5x5."

Me: "Ma'am, I can't order that. We don't have tile and we don't sell Formica."

L: "How much for 50 of the little tiles in black, grey and white?"

Me: "Ma'am, those aren't tiles. Those are color chips for sinks."

L: "Is it because I don't look rich? I wore this sweatshirt on purpose to see if you would treat me badly if I looked poor."

Me: "It has nothing to do with how you a dressed, ma'am. We don't do tile. We don't sell Formica. These are color chips for these sinks (I even put a matching color chip against the sinks)."

L: "I don't want to hear your excuses. I know it's because I looked poor. I'm not poor, you know. You would have made a sale."

Me: "Ma'am, we don't do tile. I can still get you addresses to local tile shops."

She stares at me, turns around, and walks out of the store. I never saw her again, but hopefully, she made her way to an actual tile store and not another showroom.






"You would have made a sale."
On items and service we don't offer? Wouldn't have brought any money.


'Sure madam, I'll sell you a kitchen worktop to install in a shower, but first please sign this 'I'm a dimshit custy' waiver because it will delaminate (love that word)


I would have just stopped replying. I stopped replying if they wouldn't listen. People like her burned me out.


Yes! Retail needs that contract. Should be on hand in every store "I agree that the product I'm buying is not intended for the use I am putting it, and that I have been made aware of this fact. In buying this product anyway, I agree to assume any and all liability resulting from it's misuse, including but not limited to, death and/or grievous bodily harm"


Wonder if she was on something, or needed to be on something.

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