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Entitled Custys From Hell: I Expect US Currency In Canada!


Entitled custiesFrom RHUer

I worked a convenience store near a campground in Alberta, Canada.

This one American lady argued with me for almost twenty minutes over the fact that we didn't accept American currency.

I finally "gave in" so as to not hold up an ever increasing line... took her money and gave her change at par.

This so infuriated her that she sat there for like another half hour bitching about it. I told her if she wanted US change, she needed to go back to the US. Otherwise, she needed to take her dumb ass to an exchange bank.

In what universe is a convenience store a bank lady? If I travel to another country I don't expect them to accept my currency... what fucking gives?





1. You underestimate the Ego of an American traveler. No matter the country they should accept US cash and speak English.

2. What, you mean Canada just isn't another state? Bus she drove there, so it obviously does not count as another country.


I didn't quite grasp the full enormity of just how obnoxious American tourists can be until I was one. My husband and I were in Canada, and we could invariably find other Americans by the volume of their voices, usually bellowing about something ridiculous like this. And the Canadians were invariably SO. NICE. about it. I'm surprised Canada hasn't built a wall, honestly.

Tech Support Survivor

What can I say? We're too broke to be able to afford a wall. *snicker*


Since I live so close to the border, the shops occasionally get paid with the odd American coin, and every now and then us shoppers will be given those coins as change. I've seen it happen for my entire life, never thought of it as anything more than a momentary interest. 'Oh, look, this is what a US nickel looks like!'

Then one time I was in the States (yes, with proper American currency), and bought something. I thought it was really neat that it just so happened that when I emptied my wallet, all of the change inside just happened to add up to exactly what I needed to pay for my purchase, not a penny to spare. What are the chances, right? Well, turns out I DID have a penny to spare, which the cashier promptly THREW at me and informed me, in the snottiest most condescending tone I have ever heard in my entire 26 years, that it was a CANADIAN penny, and clearly my inadvertently giving him one was equivalent to me offering to pay him said penny for oral gratification.

And that was the moment I realized why Americans think we're so nice.


Redmielta, just you wait. They will build one.

Obviously, OP, it's because Canada is part of America. Also, because they are morons.

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