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Entitled custiesFrom trash_lady, starbucks

I was told to restock the bathrooms and then take my half. While i'm waiting for the person in one of the bathrooms to come out so I can stock, a man walks up and says to me:

Man: "Since you're just standing here, can you make my coffee? Medium size medium roast."

I look over to the POS and there is no one in line and the partner is ready to serve the next guest.

Me: "The person at the register will be more than happy to help yo-"

He starts shaking his head, "No, no. Can YOU make my coffee? Thanks."

"Um? no sir I'm not on the floor right now. The person at the register is capable of pouring you a coffee."

"No. No he's not. He never does it right."

Keep in mind this man is not a regular at our store and this is the green bean who is less than a week old who has already proven himself to be a strong partner.

Additionally, it's just... putting the already made coffee. In a cup. And taking the money. But oh wait, you know what? He'd also have to deal with your entitled ass so actually you're right, he probably can't do it. And neither can I.

I'm not your personal coffee servant and you're not special.





"No. No he's not. He never does it right."
Oh, I'm sorry. Well, I suggest you go home and make your own coffee to drink; then you'll never have to worry about someone else not getting it right anymore.

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