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Entitled Custys From Hell: We Know You're Closed, But We Don't Want To Leave


Entitled JasonFrom Anansi_la_Arana, TalesFromYourServer

I'm currently a server at a tequila bar and I love and enjoy my job, my restaurant and (most) of my coworkers. I've been a server for more than 5 years now and have figured out that letting people walk all over me doesn't make shitty people less shitty or get me a better tip. So I'm very friendly and I will do everything I can to make the guests' experience great, but I have no issues with giving a firm but polite NO if they have an unreasonable request.

As a server, one of my closing duties is to sweep and mop the floor. This of course can't be done if there are still guests inside. I never understood why, but some people don't seem to understand that "last call" means "we'll be closing shortly, so finish your drink and gtfo." Obviously they know this but will linger on and on ignoring the fact that nobody else is in the restaurant, their drink is done, and we are no longer serving anything. It's annoying and inconsiderate - you know we're closed...the fact that you bought something while we were open does not give you the right to hold us hostage until you feel like leaving, pendejo.

Anywho, to get to the point, this happened on a Saturday. We close at 2 AM Saturdays, last call at 1:50. It is now 2:40 and the other server still has a bar top with a group of 6 that we are waiting on to be able to get to our closing duties. I couldn't take it anymore and asked my coworker (CW) what was up with them and why hadn't they left.

CW - They just keep telling me they're fine when I ask and they won't leave! I already closed them out - they only tipped me 3 dollars too! ;(

Me - So tell them we are closed and politely ask them to leave then.

CW - (making a face like she was unsure she should do that) I don't know what to say.

No no and no. I am on my bike and need to be leaving. I am perfectly clear on what to say, so I grab a stack of plastic cups and walk over with my brightest smile.

Freddy2 027Me - Hey folks! Thanks for coming, unfortunately we are closed now so we do need to be clearing up. I can offer you plastic cups so you can take what's left of your refreshments. (At this point all they had was melted ice in their cups but I was making a point of being super polite).

The customers looked annoyed and surprised, and some gave me their melted ice/cocktail water which I happily poured into plastic. I then completely cleared the table of all glassware. When I walked back one guy (G) in their group flagged me down.

G - What if we pay for two beers? Can we stay?

Me - I'm sorry sir but last call was called a while ago and we are now closed.

G - We'll just pay cash for them.

Me - Sir, I literally can not sell you anything. My manager is upstairs right now with all of our drawers closing out for the day. Sorry.

G - Just give us the beers and take the cash as your tip!!

Cue teeth grinding and cheek biting on my part to control violent impulses. Did this idiot seriously think that my time was worth 7 dollars? WTF. But! I am happy to say I did not go all homicidal maniac and just smiled and said,

"That would be stealing, sir. So no, I can't do that either."

I then walked to the door and held it open, still smiling like a loon and staring down the party until they awkwardly shuffled out. Thank you! Goodnight! To each and everyone as they passed me by. Hope they remember it for next time they feel entitled to be inconsiderate of of others.





"Thank you! Goodnight!"
*Apu voice* Thank you; come again!


Aren't they trespassing at that point? Or is that too high an escalation?


They're not trespassing until they're been told to leave. Not asked to leave, not subtly suggested to leave, not been told vaguely "we're closed," just flat *told* told to leave. And the coworker "didn't know what to say."

The customers weren't the only problem there.

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