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Carolanne whootFrom RHUer

Hey RHU!

I've been lurking for a over a year now, I've made a few comments here and there. I have a story to submit. I'll submit a few of my own horror stories, but I wanted to share this one that happened today in bitter cold Chicago.

Today, my husband and I stopped by our local friendly Bulls-eye place. As we were checking out, a woman in the next check out starting having a seizure. She fell within a couple of seconds and I'm not sure if someone caught her. There was a gut wrenching THUD, and as I spun around, I saw a bunch of people running to her.

As I pulled my phone out and already started dialing 911, I saw 5 other people doing the same. A staff held her up, and others were helping out as best as they could.

We didn't know anything about taking care of someone who had a seizure (although, after this incident, we should) so instead of gawking and being in the way, we left.

We didn't hear any customers complaining (in fact, many people helping were customers), other customers also got out of the way, managers rushed over to help. It was surreal to see everyone helping out in whatever way they could, even if it meant getting out of the way, picking up her things, calling for help... Especially since, in my experience, people take advantage of a situation like that. Demand services no matter what was going on, stealing items, being jerks.

When we stepped outside, we could hear the sirens. That was fast and I hope that poor woman will be okay.




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