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Justice Served: Hot Potato!



Nope. Sorry. No way that this can be read as Pussy Paint or whatever.
Those letters are obviously Fs. Cursive F, yes, but an F without a doubt.


I only see Puffy Paints, which you heat up when dry and it expands. What is it supposed to be mistaken for.


We now have a generation of kids that don't know how to read or write cursive. They teach keyboarding instead of cursive in school now.

Derek Spak

Well, yes, because the only times I've used cursive at all have been when I was forced to learn it, and to sign my name. On top of that, it's very hard to read someone else's if it isn't similar enough to your own, and I've been told by the one group of people it's supposed to be preferred by for submissions (college professors) that they prefer non-cursive or typed whenever possible so they can actually read it.


Datapath, yes, humanity is getting dumber by the year - any other news? I still learned it, but over the years, yes, I have chosen to not use it anymore. Mostly because I just have no use for it. If I'm writing a grocery list or a memo about something, I'm not gonna bother making it cursive - I write it quickly, so I can do other things sooner.

Doesn't mean it should be absolutely ignored.
I know that the old writing (like f and s being very similar, except for the little strike for f) is still used a lot in names or logos of restaurants here in Germany. If anything, being able to read it is important.


Cursive has never been actually useful. All it does is slow one down. Family would occsionally write me a letter and it could take me two weeks to read it...

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