So I Saw This Gentleman At The Apple Store Yesterday...
Justice Served: One Manager Makes The Entire Company Revamp Their Policies



What's to misread here? Freshly cooked pizzas. Easy enough to recognize. (Or just me, cause my mother makes Zs like that at times)

Eddy Cator


I read that first as Nizzas, because the 'p' is so badly written. And then realised the Germanic Z form looks a lot like a 'g' - and there's your problem.

TBH, many of these "bad fonts" are kinda like magic 3D pictures where you have to squint really reeeeeaaaaaaaaaally hard to see what the fail is... This one, not so much

Kai Lowell

That's just a cursive Z, actually. But yes, it does look rather...impolite.

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