Signage Asks Piggy Smokers to Think About the Cats Before They Drop Their Cigarette Butts
Font Fails: You Put That Stuff Where?



Maybe they'll still honor it. Didn't a KFC just accept a coupon that expired in 1986?


Actually, yeah, see if they won't honor it. It doesn't state any specific price, just that you get six donuts free for six bought at the regular price. Who knows, they might.


Looking at this makes me imagine a customer trying to insist that the /96 means it expires in 2096.


Man, I thought the one I found last week that expired in 2010 was bad...


After I inherited my father's house, rummaging through the pantry I found a can of chicken gravy that had expired in 1997...


Reading Hanyo's comment, I'm reminded by a clause in a developer agreement that we ALL read as expiring in 2015, so we assumed it was done. Even the property manager read it that way. It expires in 2105. Apparently, these particular clauses are regularly hundred year clauses in building new multi family dwellings....maybe use that logic? I'd try it....just because. :)

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