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JUSTICESERVED1From Seriac, AskReddit

I work as a manager at a restaurant and one night I had a guest loudly telling his server that if his fries were cold, he was going to send them back so she'd better make sure it was hot.

I made sure his fries were straight out of the deep fryer and I personally brought out his meal. I guess all the other tables seated around him were watching to see his reaction after his loud performance that he would send his food back.

So I put the meal down and he took one look and dramatically sighed and said the fries were cold.

I replied, "I'm sorry Sir but they're not."

Now he's mad and loudly said, "They're cold. I can tell just by looking at them!"

I replied again, "The fries are hot."

So he says, "Oh Really?"

He dramatically picked up a fry and held it between his thumb and forefinger. He held it in front of his own face while locking eyes with me and squeezed his fingers together.

What came next was something that continues to fill my heart with joy 6 years after it happened. He let out a surprised shout of pain and dropped the fry onto the table. The tables around us who had been watching started laughing and clapping.

His face turned red, he put his head down and didn't say another word.

I just smiled and said, "Enjoy your meal!" and walked away.





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