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JUSTICESERVED1From pillysutty, AskReddit

Well this was one of my favorites. Being a cop in a small town, I would get a few large parties (150+ kids) with a lot of kids coming from outlying areas. I'm generally pretty nice to the young adults who live in the area I police, and am generally well liked. But to the kids who come from different towns to party, well, they obviously don't know/like me.

Anyhow, this one party, I pull up and start walking around, turning a little bit of a blind eye to the underage drinking. I talk to the homeowner's son (parents away), and just ask him to try and get rid of some people, and move the party indoors and close the windows, as there have been too many neighbor complaints. He says he'll do what he can do. All nice and cordial.

Anyhow, this one punk standing there with a Lucky beer in his hand, starts mouthing me off and bragging to his buddies. Just average shit like 'hey pig', 'eat any donuts yet?' and just generally swearing and saying how I can't do shit about what he's saying, and that I can't arrest him for dipp as he's on private property. (dipp = drunk in public place)

I don't give him any satisfaction of acknowledgment. I have a thick skin, else I wouldn't be a cop. But I had other calls to attend to, so left. NO further complaints from the party, as the homeowner asked many people to leave.

Carolanne 022A few hours later I'm driving back to the office (donut free), and pull over a car for doing 15km/hr over the limit on the highway. Usually I give cars at least 20km/hr on the highway before pulling them over, as well, that's what I normally do on the highway. Wouldn't be right to give people tickets for something I do all the time.

Well, it's the dipshit driving who'd been mouthing me off. Amazing how nice he was to me at this point in time. Complete attitude change. I didn't let him know that I remembered him from the party. (And I now had his name and vehicle plate so I could always look out for him in the future.)

Long story short, he got tickets for speeding, only having one active headlight, failure to display an 'N' sign (new driver law here.. N on rear of vehicle lets other drivers know this person just got his license), having more than one non-family member passenger (another new driver law), and not wearing a seatbelt.

As I remembered him drinking, I also demanded a roadside breathalyzer test. He wasn't drunk but had some alcohol in his system. So I also give him a 24hr roadside prohibition from driving, and towed his vehicle.

I slept well that night. Also, three months later after running his license on our system, the insurance company had prohibited him from driving for three months.





Good story, and justice done, but why was this posted on RHU? There's nothing remotely retail in this story.


They take (and have for awhile) any job related story.


Actually, if you insult an officer, I think you CAN arrest them - not for long, but hopefully long enough for them to realize that you can't say whatever you want and get away with it. Also, I think you totally should have told him, "Hey, remember me? The pig at the party?" and see his face drain of color.


I like Lightning's idea. I've had a number of run ins with the law thanks to a somewhat colorful past, and it never pays to insult them. They're just doing their jobs, and will treat you with more respect if you treat them with the respect they deserve, generally speaking

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