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JUSTICESERVED2From HammyFresh, AskReddit

A couple years back right after I graduated High School I was managing a Little Caesars Pizza. It is hell, if you were wondering.

This one lady would call with this really specific order, I think it was light sauce, double the cheese, and cooked a little longer. One night I had a new girl working register and she got the phone and took the ladies order. She didn't take a name, as we are carry out only we didn't get a ton of call ins. So about an hour goes by and the girl calls me to the front to talk to a customer. As soon as I came around the corner this lady just starts screaming at me.


I tried to calm the lady down and explain to her someone new took her order and it was an honest mistake, offered to comp it and make her a new pizza. She was still irate and kept yelling that she was going to get me, my crew, and my GM fired. I would have liked that, fuck little caesars.

So I eventually called my GM because this bitch would straight up not leave, he asked to speak to her, she talked to him.

Then all of a sudden after about 30 seconds she screams "Oh you think this is funny, mothafucka????!!!!!".

.... My GM was laughing at her because she evidently wanted free pizza for a month for her troubles.

I then had to call the fucking district manager, aka 2 steps below the owner of 47 stores, to talk to this bitch. She cussed him out too, and still was in the lobby screaming at me. Sometime during all this her son, who looked around my age at the time (19), came in the store and was standing with her.

Now my crew had this dude named Terry, huge ass black dude, who you couldn't see unless you were in the back because he was on oven duty that night. This woman's son decides it's time to escalate this to a physical confrontation, because I am even laughing at her at this point. He opens the door to the back. We always joked if someone did that, they were going to get fucked up. Well, it turned out not to be a joke.

Terry whipped this dudes ass to the y=mx+b degree. Dude got like two good hits on Terry but Terry just fucking dropped this dude in the matter of about 10 seconds with a flurry of shit that made me think to myself, "Terry should be my manager, damn."

To conclude, the son got a ticket for trespassing in addition to getting his ass beat, the lady got banned from our store, and I got a story that I will truly never forget of how people will flip out about Pizza.




Misty Meanor

They got what they deserved.


Not really. They deserved far worse.


Life lesson there.


Oh, okay. We won't deliver to you anymore, since you are obviously capable of making a pizza yourself.

"Oh you think this is funny, mothafucka????!!!!!".
Honestly? Yes.

"Terry just fucking dropped this dude in the matter of about 10 seconds"
I have to think of those cartoons where a really huge person barely flinches from a small person wailing at them, then actually picking them up, dropping them and then sitting on them. I will imagine that is what happened, cause it amuses me.


The only time I've ever gotten a wrong pizza, I called to calmly explain what was wrong with it, and was more than satisfied with getting a new pizza while being allowed to keep the old pizza. 2 for the price of one, who can argue with that? The first one may not have been what I asked for, but it was still edible. It's not like they'd laced it with poison or screwed up an allergy request. I will never understand people who think that they deserve more than double what they ordered. I'm still a bit confused as to how they thought we wanted one half with $20 in toppings and the other nothing but olives, but I blame a language barrier and was grateful my replacement arrived delicious, hot, free, and in half the time of the original. I even called afterwards to thank them for their promptness in correcting the error.


What I don't understand is people who don't get 'there are two kinds of people you shouldn't piss off. People who handle your money out of your sight and people who handle your food out of your sight'...

Unless it's something horrible, like the pizza's moldy or upside down in the box, or has mushrooms or pineapple on it, I don't complain. If they screw it up too badly too often, I'll just quit ordering from there.

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