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Like A Rat In A Trap


InSecurityInSecurity here with another fun tale, this time about rats!

Due to the cold, rats have decided to invade my building. I even caught one in the office eating our ketchup and creamer supply. That freaked both the rat and I. According to my co-worker, I sounded like an electrocuted Chipette from Alvin and the Chipmunks. Needless to say, I cleaned the fuck out of that drawer.

After the nice people from the exterminator placed their traps, I told my new boss, I'll call him Bearhug, because that is his style of customer service, and he looks like an emaciated bear too. I told him we had traps placed and then went out on patrol.

When I get back, I see Bearhug bolt out of the office with this freaked out expression on his face and he starts pacing, not sure whether to go back into the office or run down the hall. I ask what is going on and he tells me he heard a snap and what sounded like a dog rolling around near the back of the office. I go in, and look. Lo and behold, we have a nice, very, very, dead rat in our brand new trap. I tell him that the trap got a rat and then go file a work order to get rid of the thing. I do not have to handle bio hazard.

Then I see him perform the "do I or don't I" dance with his phone out to take a picture. I ask what the hell he is doing, and he tells me he wants to take a picture but doesn't want to look. I'm puzzled as all hell because a photo is a fixed "look" for as long as he likes. He thought about it for a second, and then just took the picture.

He told me that when he showed it to his eight year old and she punched him in the stomach for being gross. Also his Mom gave him a Gibbs upside the head for it too.




Misty Meanor

Serves him right! That's disgusting!

Tech Support Survivor

.... It's a dead rodent. Big whoop. Glad he got a Gibbs slap. Too bad they loose effectiveness over time.

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