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McHell Manager

Except mine doesn't even warm up at all. I store my pans down there and they stay cold even if my oven is on. My food would cool off if I were to try that.


I think some new ovens have a setting for the warming drawer. I don't know I can't remember the last time I've ever used one...


I know the ovens I've dealt with don't have any sort of warming going on in there. It's a storage drawer mostly. This particular model may use it for warming, but it's not common.


On old gas stoves that was the broiler. On old electrics I always stored baking pans there, and they stayed cold.


Often it's considered a proofing (or proving) drawer for letting baked items rise for the last time before being put in the oven. Not that many in the US have this as an option.

Kai Lowell

The warming drawer is mostly a non-US feature. It's apparently very popular in South Africa in particular (I know a lady who lives there; she wanted one WITHOUT the warming drawer and couldn't find one!)




LadyBelle uses Reference! It's super-effective! (although it does say what the rest of us have said... :)

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