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Retail Balls Awards: Manager Kicks Out Horrible Custy After She Calls Cashier "That little Bitch"



This manager of a soap and candle store gets a Retail Balls Award for immediately throwing out a rude custy after she called the cashier "that little bitch." They refused to allow the woman to continue talking in that manner. More times than not, foul-mouthed, swearing, horrible custys get their way and managers will continue attempting to assist them trying to resolve the problem. The manager was having none of the crusty's bullshit and we applaud them for it. 


From Catalystic_mind, Tales From Retail:

This happened a few days ago and I'm still incredibly pissed off about it.

Our store which is in the land of soaps, lotions, and candles, has a semi annual sale. This sale has made us crazy busy and our backroom is pretty much empty.

Last week I was closing with three associates and desperately trying to make our store look "full" I had my two experienced employees pulling stock from our offsite and our backroom while my one new seasonal employee helped me on the floor. After making sure Floor Associate was good at register, I went to the front to greet people and start a list of product that we needed to rearrange or fill.

We only had three customers. One was an older woman shopping by herself. The other two were a couple, older man and woman, woman was shopping, man was standing there with a look that some men get in our store.

We have tons of stuff on different tables but occasionally it gets switched around. We honor it if it accidentally gets put on a lesser price table.

OCTOCAROL 094Single Woman walks up to my Floor Associate to ring up. After a couple of minutes, I hear her yelling at my Associate and immediately walk back. My FA is standing there shaking and has tears going down her face. This woman is yelling at her that the candle needs to be a lower price and that she's incompetent at her job.

I walk up to FA and tell her to go to the backroom to sit down for a few minutes. She wordlessly walks back while trying to not cry.


Me "I'm sorry ma'am, it's difficult to understand you when you're yelling. Could you please repeat that?"


Me "Excuse me?"


Me "No ma'am, Excuse me, do not speak that way about my associates."


Me now uncharacteristically being forceful and talking over her, "Nope, nope, nope. I'm sorry but no. You don't speak that way to my associates, you don't speak that way to me. I'm sorry but you now need to leave. You will no longer be purchasing this candle. Here's our corporate number, you're welcome to call them and I've listed my name here."

SW "How dare you?! I want that little bitch's name too!"

Me "I'm not releasing her name but I'm giving you mine. I will be calling my store manager and my district manager to let them know the situation."

SW calls me all sorts of things and walks out.

Other couple approaches counter and the woman says "I'd like your corporate number too. That woman acted atrociously toward that young lady and I don't want that sweet girl to get in trouble."

I thank them and immediately add a coupon onto their transaction for making me feel better. The woman also gives me her number to give to my manager.

I can't get over how the first woman acted. I've seen a lot of crazy stuff go down as a manager but never anything quite like a woman verbally attacking my Associate.






Misty Meanor

You are the type of manager every store should have! You've got a spine of iron, and nerves of steel! You don't take crap from anyone, and this shows it! You did a good deed!


Misty, right on! No one, customer or not should treat another human being the way this idiot customer treated the worker! That was one great manager for standing up for the worker!

You're a good boss. I always tried to do that, and fortunately, work for a corporate office that feels the same. The moment somebody starts calling my employees names, it no longer matters who is right and who is wrong, they're wrong, and they're leaving. I get paid enough to put up with that shit, the minimum wage cashiers do not. I don't know how many times I've said exactly that to employees, but they do seem to appreciate it.


Dude. Don't you EVER say 'sorry' to that type of customer again. Tell them politely to go F themselves in the snow, but do not say sorry. They do not deserve it, since they won't give it to you.


Only place I ever managed was a gas station, and I will NEVER be manager again. The good thing about it, was I could 86 anyone, and I did for similar reasons. You will NOT abuse my cashiers, or me. None of us get paid enough to put up with that kind of crap. The one that sticks out in my mind was the cigarette lady who forgot her ID. She looked like 16, and when I wouldn't sell her she cussed out the entire store, then got escorted off property by the police

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