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Not necessarily a dumb question. Often the sign has a bit on it that says something along the lines of 'one item regular price', since the sale only applies to two.


You used to be able to count on getting one for $2, but not anymore. Blame it on the stores that do require the purchase of 2 to get the price, or the idiot that makes your signs for not just putting $2 on the sign.

Misty Meanor

Yeah, we have a rule that you have to buy two to get the sale price.


At my work, our POS system doesn't have the capability to process a discount after x items are scanned, so they'll always come in at the same price unless you manually change them. Thankfully they just scan in as $2 each and save everyone the hassle.

Kai Lowell

Definitely not a dumb question, I've run into a few issues with a sign that says "2 for ($price)" and it turns out the sign didn't say you HAVE to buy 2 to get $price. (To be fair, though, the people at that store are very friendly, apologetic, and promptly get someone on clarifying that sign when it's brought up to them.)

Tech Support Survivor

Considering one chain has this annoying policy of saying 2 for 5. And then charging 2.99 if you only buy one. Guess there were enough complaints that they finally started to add the fine print of or 2.99 if you buy less than...


This must be a US thing, in the UK if it's two for £4 the single item is the usual price. I've never heard of being able to buy the single item for the deal price unless there is only one left.


It started out as a Dollar Days Sale and the store figuring out how many they could sell for an even amount. 3 for $5. You could by one for $1.67, but then some head office person decided that you would sell more at regular price using 2 for $20, then 5 for $50. You still bought one for $10. Now some stores are selling you only items at the quantities on the sign and charging way more for just one, and some sell you 1 on sale like they originally did. Being a single person I only want one and can't afford to buy 4 extras to last me years. The places that require multiples for the sale price I don't buy from. This has evolved to this over the last 40 years in the USA.

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