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In continuing our tales of customers who just don't give a rat's behind about safety- I present to you all...this guy!

Freight morning. I'm up a 12 foot ladder stocking boxes. Not a huge fan of heights but hey the ladder is sturdy enough right? Minding my damn business. Might have been humming along to the dulcet tones of Carrie Underwood over the speakers.

The ladder jolts hard beneath me. Like, enough to rock me forward on my feet. I, of course, drop the box I'm holding and grab the rails with both hands as per the safety video. Is it an earthquake? Godzilla?

No. It's a middle aged guy who desperately needs to get to the shelf behind the ladder.

Me: Sir! I am on the ladder at the moment, if you'll let me get down I can-

Guy: I'm fine.

And he pushes the ladder again! Luckily it apparently budged enough to let him get an arm in, but I had such a panic attack that the manager had to come talk me down to go sit in the office and hyperventilate for a bit.

Once I'd recovered from my panic attack I was so pissed I couldn't see straight. I've got kids at home, I take care to make sure I come home in one piece. But I've also come to realize some (most) customers don't see us as actual people, so it's useless being mad all the time. Just tires me out. Now I've just got permanent Retail Manners coupled with Crazy Eyes.





Glad you didn't fall. It's a shame the box dropped on the hard floor, it deserved a softer landing.


I'm with Jofur on this. Glad you didn't die, and sorry the box didn't land on twatwaffle


"I'm fine."
I'd like to hear you say that when all X-ty pounds of me will land on you. Elbow-first.


Oh gods, I'm having a panic attack for you, that sounded so frightening! I probably would have started shrieking bloody murder the moment I saw that dumb ass trying to move the ladder, even if I weren't the one on it.


I'm with Lightning. You do not threaten someone's health simply for your convenience. I'd treat this as a direct attack and respond accordingly.

At the very least the customer should have been escorted from the store and told not to come back, ever.

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