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Safety2From SamyueruUK, TalesFromRetail

I work in a coffee shop, and one day a couple of weeks ago, I'm on till, when an older gentleman approaches the till. He starts out pleasant enough, but... Well here's the exchange:

ME: Hi, welcome to [SHOP]. What can I get for you?

HIM: [List of stuff]... and a hot chocolate, with cream, please?

ME: Sure, no problem.

HIM: Can I get that hot chocolate in a to-go cup.

ME: Yeah, of course.

HIM: Leave the lid off it.

ME: Sorry sir, I can't do that.

[Cue the shitstorm]

HIM: But if you were giving me a glass, you wouldn't put a lid on it, would you? He then stands there with a huge, shit-eating grin on his face, like he thinks he's just backed me into a corner.

ME:... No. I wouldn't.

[At this stage, I am completely beyond trying to help the guy. He was so snarky and smug, I just didn't want to help him at all]

HIM: Then why do you need to put a lid on the take-away cup. I'm not taking it out of the shop, I just want it in a take-out cup because it stays warmer for longer.

ME: It's a health and safety issue. We have to give you a lid.

HIM: Can you make an exception for me?

ME: No.

BaristafuckoffHIM: calling to his wife He won't give it to me without a lid!

WIFE: calling to me They do that for us in [other location], so just do as your told!

ME: Well, they really shouldn't give it to you without a lid, as that's a health and safety risk.

HIM: But --

ME: cutting him off Look, I can't make an exception. If you like to talk to one of my team leaders, I'd be happy to see if one of them are free.

[So I get my team leader (TL).]

TL: Yes, I'm afraid that Samyueru is right. We can't give you a take-away cup without putting a lid on it first. You're welcome to take the lid off right after, we just have to cover ourselves.

HIM: But the lid will push the cream down into the hot chocolate, and ruin the drink!

TL: We apologise sir, but rules are rules, and we can not make an exception.

TL leaves

HIM: So, are you going to give me my drink the way I want it or not?

ME: Without a lid? No, I'm afraid I can't. It violates health and safety.

HIM: But there's no inspection going on right now, so just do it!

ME: I'm sorry, sir. I can't. As my team leader said, there can be no exceptions. I can get my manager for you, but he'll tell you the same thing that you've already been told twice before.

HIM: Alright, forget about the hot chocolate then, and just give me this stuff.

ME: Alright. Would you like a glass of ice with your bottle of water?

HIM: in a smug, "fuck you" kind of tone No, I don't. In case health and safety get involved in that, too.

After that, I got another member of staff to finish the transaction, since I was already thinking of how I could get away with murdering him with so many witnesses around, and my manager took me outside for a few cigarettes so I could calm down.





"HIM: calling to his wife He won't give it to me without a lid!"
*whiny flailing* Moooooooo~oooooooooooom!

"They do that for us in [other location]"
Then go there and quit bothering us!

"No, I don't. In case health and safety get involved in that, too."
Oh, good. You're learning. >)

Tech Support Survivor

Yea, fuck you buddy. I don't know what you're game is, but nope.

I usually go to a place that allows you to put the lid on the cup once it's been served, they don't so you can add whatever toppings you like (cinnamon, choc sprinkles, seasonal toppings like graham sugar or maple sugar).


Hey, look, dude, I think it's kinda silly, too, but it's policy, I didn't write it, I can change it, and I'm not getting fired because you're throwing a temper tantrum like a two year old.


"They do that for us in [other location], so just do as your told!"

"Thank you for informing us, I'll call corporate and notify them. I'll bet the *new* manager won't be doing it!"


"But there's no inspection going on right now, so just do it!"

"If you were an inspector, doing some kind of sting, that's exactly what you'd say, isn't it?"


I'm waiting for that to be part of our safety regimen. There are a couple of chaps who don't like lids with their coffee, it's allowed and really it doesn't make much difference to us.

I can see in a litigious society this needs to be covered but, well, it's a bit overkill to me.


Some asshole will spill coffee on itself and sue because there wasn't a lid. It's easier to deal with 'you can take it off yourself' than expect them to not be stupid.

How is putting the whipped cream into the hot chocolate ruining it? Since that's where it already was...


Personally, if I have a hot chocolate I want to drink the hot chocolate through the cold cream, if there is a lid it heats up the cream too fast. Ruins it for me. But I'd just not ask for cream, not the barista's fault they have to put a lid on.


It already is a part of our safety regimen Molly.

'Branches are required to have LIDS available for customers should they wish to take a hot drink off of our premises, they are provided so as to protect us from litigation should a customer scold themselves – please ensure you have them available in your branch.'


Um, alrighty then, King, I know how hot your work drinks are, I've had warmer baths.


He sounds like the type who would dump the hot chocolate in his lap (or his wife's) then sue the company for 3 million dollars.

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