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Sleepy Custy Encounter


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From MonsteraDeliciosa, Tales From Retail:

Our store has a large area of high-end patio/outdoor furniture. It's comfy and lovely and it had better be, for the price! So Friday afternoon the owner calls down to the front desk with a really good question-- what's up with the guy asleep on a couch back in patio furniture?? A staff member went to check on him and woke him up: "Oh my god, I'm so embarrassed! I'm fine!" Five minutes later, he is not only still there, but asleep again. A different employee went this time, and "WOW, this is embarrassing!!!!!" But... he still didn't get up and leave. At this point, the staff is huddled in the next department whispering and wondering... and then we realize that he is ASLEEP AGAIN. Finally a third person went back there, woke him up and stood there until he got up. Then he wandered out the door and into the sunshine.

Sleep disorder? Narcolepsy? Allergy pills? We will never know, but seriously, you can't just sleep in the store. It's weird.






Or just homeless


I used to fall asleep in coffee shops (yeah, that's how I found out about my narcolepsy and they had the plushiest armchairs). If I were having a narcoleptic fit, I'd totally try to find a comfy lawn chair to pass out in, but I'd certainly tell one of the employees what's going on. I would also hope as I spontaneously pass out that I will remember where I was when I woke up and that I will still have my purse and wallet.

Someone did once wake me up. I felt like I was having a heart attack because I forgot where I was and some stranger was touching and talking to me. After 10 seconds, I was back out. Couldn't be helped, but I did manage to mumble "Narcoleptic" before doing so.


Lil_Tiger, if it makes you feel better, had I woken you up and heard Narcoleptic before you zonked out again, I'd try to stick around until your fit is over. You know, just make sure nobody steals your shit. (Or worse)

Kai Lowell

I fell asleep in the thrift store my mum worked at when I was in high school...went in after school to talk to her, sat on a couch, slept right through till her shift was over four hours later. I was humiliated and she was furious (not at me, at my swim coach - that was the day of the swim final I'd been given a written exception for due to ill health and was then forced to take anyway.)

Maybe that's got something to do with why I have so much trouble falling asleep.


Many years ago. I went to the county fair. It was hot and I was tired and off my sleep schedule (nightshift), they had a temperpedic mattress vendor and I laid down to try it out and promptly fell asleep. I slept for over two hours in a loud crowded building. The salesmen where upset when I woke up because they where selling tons of mattresses using me as a example/demo! They actually gave the demo model when the fair ended.


Thanks for the sentiment, Lightning! Letting me know that you were sticking around would have helped me to wake up, which would have been greatly appreciated.

This was going on while I was in college in a tiny town, so I was mostly safe. Never had anyone steal anything from me since the owners and a few employees of the coffee shop would keep an eye out.

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