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This is paper towel roll for use on the factory floor. It goes in a dispenser made of metal tubes, with a steel serrated bar. The towels do not belong on the floor next to a toilet. Need to wipe up grease rip off a length. Need to clean a machine rip off a length.


I once had a landlady who decided we used too much TP, and started buying the cheapest, thinnest 1-ply she could find.

Amount of squares of 2-ply I needed to use at a time: 1-2
Amount of squares of 1-ply I needed to use at a time: 6-10

There were freaking 8 people living there, and yet she just couldn't wrap her head around why the shared bathroom used so much more than she did in her personal bathroom...

This is the same person who charged $500/month for a curtained-off cubby under the stairs. I wish I was joking.

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