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Time To Prank The Boss: Grass Keyboard


Okay, here we go: Boss went on vacation for two weeks. I am currently growing a nice turf in her keyboard!


The grass seed/water/soil mash:



The keyboard's keys do not depress, therefore it does not operate. Nor will it turn on. Everything is all mashed in!



Look at the little fellers!


A PoV of the keyboard.


Keep in mind guys, that this is being grown in my home. When it comes time for her to return, I will swap out her keyboard for this one!





Why? I mean, I get that it's a joke, I just have never understood the point of this kind of joke.


So... you ruined a perfectly good, functioning keyboard for a joke that isn't very funny? If I was your boss, I'd make you pay for my new keyboard out of pocket.


Lightning, did you skip the part that says: 'The keyboard's keys do not depress, therefore it does not operate. Nor will it turn on '?

I have a couple of old keyboards in the warehouse and my boss is on holiday, what could I grow?


"The keyboard's keys do not depress, therefore it does not operate. Nor will it turn on"

I actually read that as the prankster was talking about how they had intentionally ruined the keyboard as the first part of the joke, which pissed me off until I got to the bottom and read that this was NOT the Boss's keyboard.

Starting off with "I am currently growing a nice turf in her keyboard!" didn't help and made me believe the person was in fact destroying their Boss's perfectly fine keyboard -_-


Rysky, same. Still. It's not very funny. And, frankly, what's the purpose? Unless that is catgrass for a pet to eat and it's to save on, say, buying a new planter. That would make sense and have a purpose.


It's a keyboard that was going to be thrown away anyway. What difference does it make if it had some grass in it when it gets thrown away?


Am I the only one loving it?
I'd laugh like hell if I'd come back from my vacation to see this.
Especially love the "You've been gone so long that you're keyboard grew some grass"- vibe.
Wish my coworkers surprised me like that!


I think it's brilliant, but I work in IT in an office, and everyone knows we're weird


Great use of a dead keyboard.

As someone who cleans their keyboard and mouse once a week and hates fingerprints on the screen (use a pen to point, you grubs!) this 'mod' terrifies me.

Please post update!


I love this, am actually thinking about doing this, my manager however will probably get revenge so I wonder if it will be worth it.
It will be funny though.

Of course, you need a sense of humour to know why.(Some people here are seriously lacking one, can you get them at Wilko's?)

These are the types of prank I think are fantastic, no one gets hurt or upset and people are flummoxed by it.


Something I should have added to my original post, I do think this is hilarious, once I found out they weren't destroying their boss'es actual keyboard :3

Tech Support Survivor

I really shouldn't show this to my friend... he'd just do worse.

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