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Candy 1From OhBoo690, TalesFromRetail

I used to work at an up and coming candy shop. As such, I have plenty of experience handling "Wonka" jokes as well as "sticky fingers" since most of our product were placed in bulk bins that are easily accessible. On this day however an incident occurred that has gone down in the depths of our store's history as something so ridiculous that it still stands as an inside joke.

It all started as I was making my rounds through the store checking in with customers. It'd been a particularly busy summer day so I was being held over pretty well. Time was going by fast and most of the people were fairly pleasant that day. I'd noticed a young couple standing by one of our hutches and asked if they needed any help with anything. They said that they were fine so I continued on my way. Not two minutes after I walked off, I'd heard one of our signs fall from the top of that hutch. I turned around and saw the girl holding it but she'd clearly been hit on the nose with it.

Now allow me to mention that this sign, while big, is made of styrofoam. It's less than a inch thick and weighed only about a half pound at most. It could not do much damage other than a paper cut, which she did not have. There was only a light red mark.

Now this is where I made a mistake. I asked her if she'd like to sample something. We were allowed to give samples of product in bins, but only if we got it for the customers. They can't help themselves to it (and that is also deserves a whole other post). But we also had specialty treats such as Macarons behind a display case.

The young woman that was struck with the sign opens her mouth and says "A Macaron."

I stopped and kind of thought, 'well shit', before heading to the back and asking the manager about it. I screwed up by not clarifying. So yes, I'll go see if I can do it. My manager gave the okay so I went ahead and brought her up to the display case and had her pick out ONE flavor that she wanted. She got one and then left the shop, which I believed that I'd never see them again afterwards. Boy was I wrong.

Five minutes later they came back. The male of the couple approached the counter as I was in the middle of helping another customer. He'd asked for a different flavor macaron. Confused, I'd asked if perhaps she didn't like the flavor she got. Because I could exchange the flavors. He said no, that they wanted ANOTHER macaron.

Something clicked and I just told him 'No'.

Man: So you're not going to give us another one?

Me: No. She's already got the flavor that she wanted.

Man: But she got hit on the nose!

Me: And she's already gotten her Macaron.

Man: -storms off-

Carolanne doctorI shrugged off the encounter and went back to work. Unbeknownst to me, he'd gone over to one of our other Shift Supervisors and demanded to speak to our manager. So she brought her out to them. Our manager was made aware of the situation before handling them. She railroaded the couple with questions and concerns regarding her nose. They'd been making a big deal about how the mark 'hurt so bad'. So my manager offered them ice packs and to go to the doctor to make sure that she was okay. They wanted none of it, so they'd left.

Alas this tale is not over. When they returned the third time, they brought... mall security. That's right, they brought mall security in to try to strong arm us into giving them items for free. This time, their demand was a $25 gift card. I wasn't there to see what all happened, but I noticed the girl pushing the crocodile tears as much as she could from across the shop--pretending like a wood block fell on her instead of a styrofoam sign. The security spoke to my manager and was appalled to see how simple the sign actually was. The guard was then aware that they were trying to pull a fast one. The couple left and threatened to speak to corporate.

Afterwards all the managers went to the back to review the security cameras. The only reason why she'd received the 'mark' in the first place, was because she'd tried to catch the sign. That's correct, because she tried to catch it, it flipped upwards in her arms and lightly got the bridge of her nose.

If I hadn't lost enough faith in humanity that day, I was informed later that corporate sent the couple a $50 gift card 'for their troubles'. At the very least they never came back to our location.

It has become a day of infamy, likely to be told to all the new employees as a warning. If you offer something, be clear about what you offer. Otherwise certain customers will take it a mile ahead.





Sad but true. Sometimes you have to give the crazy to get rid of them. Although for me, it would've been. "Alright, I'm sick of listening to you whine about this. I'll give you a gift card if you GTFO of my store and never come back. Sort of like giving an embarrassing family member money so they don't come home.


"They'd been making a big deal about how the mark 'hurt so bad'."
Okay, if she's suffering from hypersensitivity, I'm sure that a whomp on the nose can hurt - even if it's from styrofoam. But I doubt that was the case and I'd tell the guy and his girl to suck it up. It's a freaking nose whomp, not an actual wound.

"The couple left and threatened to speak to corporate."
You WANT us to change the signs into a more dangerous material, so you can scam shit from us? Pft!

"That's correct, because she tried to catch it, it flipped upwards in her arms and lightly got the bridge of her nose."
To be fair, it is a reflex to stretch your arms against whatever is approaching you to keep it away.

"I was informed later that corporate sent the couple a $50 gift card 'for their troubles'."
Every employee proceeds to call corporate and tell them what idiots they are. Then they all quit and the store closes cause nobody deals with that shit.

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