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Anise is a spice, licorice-ish, if I remember correctly.

Kai Lowell

Yep, and it is definitely used for making candy. So where's the fail?


I love Anise candy. It's related to sarsaparilla. People that pronounce it like a butt hole. Need to learn it's correct pronunciation. Like a crappie the fish is not a crappy. We could always tell you were a tourist when you said you caught a crappy.



Is crappIE pronounced *differently* than crappY?

Is it crap-I vs. crap-E?

I'm willing to be edjumacated, but where I grew up those 2 spellings would be pronounced exactly the same.

Michelle Mills Smith

Yeah, but crappie the fish is pronounced like CROP not like CRAP. Similar spelling, different sound.

Just like the candy. Ann-iss not Ay-nus.


With everyone here, I don't even like anise but I know what it is. Star Anise is used a lot in Chinese cooking (I like it in that, call me fickle).


I like Anise, though it is a pretty strong flavor. Again, no fail.


Michelle Mills Smith gave you the answer. Thanks. There are medications that anise can make you retain longer, so they have it listed on the medicine not to use the two together.


I'm missing something...doesn't this candy taste like sasparilla? Or if my shaky memory serves its supposed to?


Thanks for the edjumacation :) I've been pronouncing anise like ann-eyes for years, and crappie like crappy


If they want it pronounced crop, they can spell it crop. :P If they deliberately give it a name a 5 year old will giggle at, then they deserve what they get.


TechTyger, that should be the go-to test for practically anything. Like the great Evil Overlord list says: if the security code can be breached by a 5 year old, get a different one.

Eddy Cator

Huh. I've always called it aniseed. I've never heard it called/spelled anise. That was the fail for me.

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