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From If_In_Doubt_Lick_It, Tales From Retail:

We had a lady who came up on her cellphone (gah!) and just passively swiped her card after her stuff got rung up.

Card declines.

Employee: Sorry ma'am, but this card is declined.

Woman: swipes again, still talking on her cellphone

Employee: I'm afraid it declined again.

Woman: swipe

Employee: Ma'am, its not working.

Woman: phone talk and swipes

This goes on for a while until the employee in all of their patience finally says firmly "the card is not working. Please stop swiping."

I guess the tense tone got through to the customer finally...

Later the customer came back and spoke to another employee (guess she just now finished her phone call) to complain that she just got yelled at in a transaction. She explains that she was on her phone, and not listening to what the employee said, and didnt realize that the card was declining. But that the employee shouldn't have yelled at her.

Now I'm listening in case anything goes wrong, but the situation is handled well, and the customer eventually leaves.

Both my folks handled it really well, and I'm posting this as much to brag about them as I am to rant on the customer...

But for fuck sake, lady. Get off your phone! And if we have to raise our voice to get your attention, its because we have already tried the alternative!








"to complain that she just got yelled at in a transaction. She explains that she was on her phone,"
I'mma stop you right there, ma'am. Just be greatful the cashier even did your transaction, instead of ignoring you, as you were ignoring them, until you decided to be a decent person and put your phone down.


If I'm on the phone, I tend to stand off to the side of the checkout and allow those who are not to go through the line until I finish my call, if it's that important, which it sometimes is. Single father, things go wrong, some calls are more important than others. None of that excuses using the phone in the line, or when the checker is trying to check you out. FFS, people. They're human and deserve to be treated with the same respect as anyone else

Tech Support Survivor

I always wait until just after I finish at the check out to get out my phone. Granted I'm no chatty type, but it just feels weird to be staring at my phone rather than watching and making polite conversation.


Exactly my point. I've no issue with finishing my call, but I'll do it in an out of the way location so I don't hold up the line, and only get in line when the call is completed


Solution: "Please step aside until you are ready to complete the transaction." *put items aside* "Next!"

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