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Closing Time Nightmare: A Woman Out For Blood



TwinClover, Tales From Retail:

I am the store manager of a retail store. Last night about 15 minutes till close a woman on her phone comes in. She is on her phone and I recognize her as a semi regular customer. Everytime we have had interactions she is cold/curt but nothing out right rude. I do me she does her and we get her on her way.

We are getting to about 5 minutes to close and she come up to the counter with one item that is on clearance. I ring her up and give her her total "does that include the 25% off?" (Keep in mind this entire time she is on her phone. Talking to someone about "how the parents are really angry I didn't play Ethan. I'm happy I didn't play him. He sucks!")

Me: It excludes clearance.

Her: It's under the sign.

Me: The sign does say excludes clearance (This is all going on while she is still carrying on her phone conversation)

Her: can I see the sign?

So I go walk over to the rack she got the items from and look back and she hasn't moved from the cash. Okay I'll just grab the sign then and bring it over. I get up to her as she is still talking on the phone and I place my finger next to the phrase, which is smaller to make it easier to draw her eye to it. Her: thank you.

I proceed to walk back around cash wrap and set the sign down as I go. Out of nowhere...


Guys, I was so confused.

Me: I'm sorry my intention was not to be rude.

Her:YOU DIDN'T NEED TO DO THAT! It was uncalled for! I want to speak to your manager!

Me: I am the manager.

Her: okay I want your name because I am calling and complaining!

Me: my name in TwinClover.

OCTOCAROL 341Her: What's your employee number?

Me: I do not have to provide that.

Her: okay TwinClover, what's your last name?

Me: I do not have to provide that either. TwinClover and the store location will be more then sufficient to identify me. Her. I'm going to pay for this then leave!

We finish the transaction and lock up and I send an email to my RM giving her the heads up about a complaint of me being rude but I don't know how.

So today I hadn't heard anything. Normally complaints will come to us though email via the RM. Mid afternoon I ran into the back to grab some hardware and got into a conversation with an employee on lunch. My ASM comes running into the back. She proceeds to tell me this lady came back and interrupted her while she was with a customer to say she wrote an email and called our complaint line and hadn't heard back and wanted to know why nothing has been done. Started yelling at my asm about how rude I was and how " she doesn't want to raise her child in this environment" I am never to serve her again and if she comes in someone else MUST cash her out.

I wrote another email to my RM who has yet to contact me back. I was so baffled I called our complaint line to see if they could she'd some light and to see why they hadn't contacted her.

I was told they called her back around 10am and that they would pass her concerns along to the RM and Director. I was told she basically told the same story I did. I asked if she could tell me the tipping point of the whole situation.

The woman is this mad because I pointed at the words "excludes clearance" on the sign. She is this angry because I did excatly what she asked of me.

I am so annoyed with this woman. I am to be having an interview with the Director of sales next week to get a new store and this woman has to freak out over something so trivial.

I hate people.






"I do not have to provide that."
Also, none of your business, 'madam'.

"she doesn't want to raise her child in this environment"
Oh my god, you bred already!? We're doomed.

"She is this angry because I did excatly what she asked of me."
Durr, you proved her wrong. Which is, like, the ultimate, unforgiveable sin, punisheable by death.

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