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Custy Meltdowns: Cussed at Over Chocolate Creamer


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From Silverdudes1, Tales From Retail:

It's been a few days since this happened, but I didn't really have a day off till now to fully make the post.

So here's how the story begins. I'm doing my usual business, stocking up my dairy section. Days going pretty well for it being a truck day and all. A man in a wheelchair comes up to the creamer section as I'm stocking it. And this conversation follows. (M for me, W for wheelchair man)

M: "Are you looking for any particular kind of creamer?"

W: "Yeah, I'm looking for a chocolate or chocolatini creamer."

M: "I don't carry any chocolate creamers right now."

Chaos ensues here

W: "Don't feed me that Sht!" "You're full of sht." "You can go ask your manager, he said he was gonna order it for me" "You had it a few weeks ago." "My mom was in here about 3 weeks ago and the manager said he would order it." "I'm gonna talk to your manager." "Now get away from me with that sh*t."

So at this point I just walk away, cause if I had said anything I would have flipped my lid and I couldn't have that of course.

Now when he mentioned his mother coming in and the manager saying he would order it, I think I might know the conversation that happened if I remember correctly. I remember my boss called me to the customer service desk. I went up to the desk and my boss says, " This woman was looking for chocolate creamer." I mentioned I don't have any chocolate creamers at the moment, and that they discontinued the last chocolate cream I had a few weeks ago. She said, "Well how come the store across the street has chocolate creamer and you guys don't?" My boss tried to explain to her that we are different company, and he said we'll see if we can get it in, but there is no guarantee.

Anyways I was absolutely livid the last hour of my shift. I had so much I wanted to say to that guy. Like how I know my department considering I've done it for almost a year now, and the fact that I can't order what doesn't exist in our inventory.

I'd have to say that is one of the most annoying things is when people think just cause we are a store we can order anything we want. Like no, we just order what the company provides us. And put new items up when they give them to us. I can't just order an item that my warehouse doesn't even carry. Also that woman wondering why the store across the street has an item and we don't. Ma'am we are store X not store Y.








So why doesn't he shop across the street?


But that's so far away...!

Where I work, we will cheerfully order anything the customer wants. Hell, we order stuff off of Amazon and mark it up from their retail price. There are, however, two caveats:

1) We make sure they know they could order it direct for less.

2) They pay in advance, like all special orders.

There's kind of an unspoken requirement of "don't be too much of a dick," too, but that applies to all customers.

(We have one customer, a public agency, that doesn't care what stuff costs. We're their only vendor who takes POs, and we're easier to deal with than their own accounting department to get a check cut.)


"We're out of stock of that item."
"That item is discontinued and cannot be ordered."

Just repeat those two lines ad nauseum no matter what is said, hopefully they get the message one day...

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