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Flower Shop Hell: A Rant About Chronic Abandoners


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I work at a floral shop located inside a high-end grocery store. There are displays of flowers all around the store besides just at the floral section. Our flowers are always premium quality and we are proud of that. What we can't help all the time however, is the customers.

Would it kill you to put the flowers you don't want anymore back in the water?? The store is huge, I don't know what section you chose to go and leave the flowers at, nor is it my job to guess.

And please, I know you are a chronic abandoner, so next time you come to complain about our quality in flowers, I'll tell you that I keep on catching you setting your flowers on a shelf only for me to find them dried out later. We have cameras: we know who abandons flowers.

I'm not your nanny! It's not my job to hunt for your abandoned flowers! Have some respect for the things you buy and have some common sense!

Flowers are not canned beans, so don't hide a $50 bouquet behind a stack of cans.





This infuriates me in supermarkets when people get deli/dairy/frozen stuff, decide they don't want it and abandon it on a random shelf. Of course other customers have to pay for the losses.

My local minimart even has a big sign saying "If you decide not to buy seafood please bring it back to the counter - no questions asked!" because rotting fish stench is not so great an ambiance.


"Have some respect for the things you buy"
But, if they are abandoning them, they had no intention of buying them, so... this doesn't work.

"because rotting fish stench is not so great an ambiance."
Ew. Then again, nothing smells worse than rotting potatoes.


Rotting chicken liver is worse.

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