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Gas Station Hell: I have a bad attitude because I follow store policy



From  The_Hiatus_Luv_U2, Tales From Retail:

Customer came to my job and told my manager and assistant manager that I had a bad attitude. She neglected to say exactly what I said or done.

Me: Welcome๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Customer: Can I get that Black&Mild plastic tip?

Me: <grabs product and ring it up> May I see your ID, please?

Customer: ๐Ÿ˜• .... What?

Me: Uhm, I need to see your ID for this product.

Customer: Girl! You know who I am. I come here everyday.

(I don't recognize this girl because I see hundred people a day.)

Me: I'm sorry, but I must ID everyone for tobacco or alcohol products every time.

Customer: You really going to make me go back to my car to get my ID.๐Ÿ˜ฌ


(She stormed off to her car. By the way I work at a gas station so her car was only a few yards away.)

Me:<puts product on the counter>.

Customer:<snatched the Black&Mind, flashed her ID so fast that I couldn't read it, throws money on the counter and storms off again.>

-- The_Hiatus_Luv_U2




"It's not about checking your ID, it's about proving I checked your ID. And your behavior right now is exactly the way that regulators act during a sting. Are you working for state?"


"Girl! You know who I am. I come here everyday."
I suck at remembering faces. Also, don't call me girl, 'honey'.

"You really going to make me go back to my car to get my ID."
Well, yeah. Either you get the ID or don't get the smokes. Simples.

Also, hindsight, don't put the product anywhere near where the customer can swipe it - it's not withholding an item from them, it is a safety regulation to make sure you can SEE the ID properly before handing it over.


What lightning said. Always move the product out of reach of the customer in those circumstances.
Source: Extensive gas station experience

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