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From sjc16, Tales From Retail:

I was a cashier at a well known grocery franchise. It was kind of a slow day, which was rare at this particular store. I rang up this older lady (she'll be lady A) who had maybe 4-5 small items, finished her transaction and handed her her change. She moved to the end of my register to put her change away and look for her car keys. No big deal. The next women had 13 items, all which were bags of chips and some soda. I quickly rang her up, handed her her receipt and sent her on her way, happy there was no line behind her for a minute. Lady A, who was still standing at the end of my register comes up to me and says:

Lady A: Excuse me, but that women who you just rang up had 13 items. This is a 12 items or less line!

Me: Okay, it isn't a big deal. There is no line and she's taken care of.

Lady A: I don't believe you understand, this is a 12 ITEMS OR LESS LINE. And that women had 13 items! You're both wrong!

Me: I'm sorry? I didn't keep you or anyone else waiting, your transaction was complete, so I don't see the big deal.

Lady A: (who is now very angry at me) Well you're wrong! I'm going to the customer service desk about this!

and she stormed off, complained that I took someone with 13 times (after her transaction was over might I add) on the 12 items or less line, suggested I be suspended for not following rules, gave me a dirty look, and left. Both my manager and I laughed. I love retail customers!!






13? Well, okay. That's fine. TWENTY-three, then you can complain.


Agreed. We've all miscounted, and one or two over is no big deal. People who come to the 12 items or less lane with a loaded cart should be dragged out back and tased in the genitals


I remember having a full cart once, and looking around for an open cashier, everyone had a short line, and I was about to head for the shortest, when the 12 item or less cashier waved me over, insisting it was okay, it was a slow period. So cautiously, looking around, I went, feeling a little awkward, but hey, she told me to go, right?

Of course, JUST as we start ringing up, it seems that every person who only had one or two items comes to the front of the store to check out. I offered to step aside, but she insisted on finishing. I got some dirty looks, but what are you to do?

The other one I thought of was the time I had about 10 items, but all of them were soft drinks or other beverages in recyclable containers (I was getting ready for a party). In BC, at Walmart, the system enters the redemption value as a separate item, and there's usually two different deposits on returnable containers. So I had like 30 items showing at the bottom of my the 12 item or less lane! :)

Misty Meanor

Whenever I go shopping at a grocery store, I'm only buying one or two things at most. Meaning that I might use the express line, but I'll take whatever. I swear, though, people who abuse the express line have a special place in hell!

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