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From MissBitch25, Tales From Retail:

I work in a doggie grooming salon. I love my job. I have some of the best clientele and my boss is an awesome woman. Idiots are few and far between, but they do happen.

The other day, I had a woman bring in her dog asking if we could give him a bath. He was a germen shepard mix and it was the first time he was being serviced. It had been a pretty dead day, so I agreed to take him and moved out from behind the counter to examine him for matts, marks or any oddity I would need to make note of. He lost his mind when I approached him. Snarling at me, tail between his legs, ears back and fur standing up. I quickly backed away and relaxed my body to seem non-threatening. He lunged at me and I jumped behind the counter. The woman yelled at him to calm down and assured me he was normally sweet. Now, this isn't my first rodeo. I've dealt with all manner or dogs that come off as aggressive, but are usually just nervous and can be very sweet.

I come out behind the counter again, very slowly and kneel down, extending my arm for the dog to sniff. He relaxes, slinks forward, sniffs me and gives a little tail wag. I talk to him softly, telling him he's a good boy, a pretty boy, etc. I ever so slowly turn my hand and move to pet him. He lunges again and back I go.

Me: I'm sorry Ma'am. I can't take him today. He's too aggressive for me to feel comfortable.

Her: But...why?

Me:....Ma'am....he's lunged for me....twice. Everything about his body language says that he doesn't want me near him.

Her: But...He's really sweet!

Me: I'm sure that at home, with you, he is a very sweet dog. But I just don't feel safe with him the way he's acting now. I would be putting myself in jeopardy as well as my co-workers and the other dogs here. I can't do it. I'm very sorry.

Her: He really is a sweet dog.

Me: I'm sure he is. I still will have to decline to take him today. You can try again another day, he may just be worked up. But I can't take him today. I'm sorry.

She sighs and scowls down at the dog, before thanking me and leaving. When I told my co-worker of the exchange he was flabbergasted. Seriously, you just watched the dog lunge at me twice. No. I'm not taking him back to do work on him the requires me to get close to him. The hell?









Misty Meanor

Even if you put up a disclaimer about something like this, we know it would be ignored since crusties don't read!


"Dear idiot customer, please sign this legally-binding contract in which you agree to pay me $10000 if I am injured by your animal. Per bite."

That should fix it.

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