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Candy Shop Hell: Crazy Custy Wants To Buy Display Tongs Used For Picking Up Candy


McHell Manager

I honestly hate this picture. Those numbers who are ready to serve most likely have small orders. Like "A fry and a drink" or "just a drink" small. And this guy probably has a significant amount of food. And then takes this picture whining about how his larger $20+ order is taking longer than a $3 order.


Seriously, what's the joke? As McHell manager says, maybe 139 was a bigger order and just takes a bit longer to finish up. In the McD I go to with this setup, the numbers tend to not be that in order, either. (I believe the various computer menues and the registers go by different numbers - one has the 100s, the others 200s) And it happens that order 122 is ready before 215. Or other way around.

tl;dr: whoever took this pic: cry us a river, we're here playing the violin.


It's the "I WANT IT NOW" mentality. I was number 139 so I MUST be served in order! It doesn't matter I purchased 20 different burgers all with special orders! I DEMAND JUSTICE! They have zero patience and I have zero fucks to give.


*sings* "Don't care how, I want it NOW!"


Ilia wins the internet. :D


Not even postworthy. As the others have said, it's very common for more recent small orders to fly through ahead of your larger one, especially if you asked for a custom burger or something.


To me, this was more a resignation to life as we know it. Some days, you're 138. Some days, you're 139. Some days, you don't have enough cash to even order. This wasn't entitled whining to me, this was just a sigh of "Ho hum..."


Yeah, same here Thaliana. Mildly cute thing, doesn't deserve all the snarling...

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