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Mistaken Identity: "Where's The Restaurant?"


Mistaken Identity Freddy Tag 1From Lightning

It finally happened! I was mistaken for an employee, something that hasn't happened to me to date.

I was walking through the clothes section of a big retail store when a Hispanic woman stopped me. She asked me where the adjoining restaurant was and, not being sure, I said I wasn't sure and guessed on the lower floor.

She said an employee had told her it was on the second floor and I looked around, seeing a big, blue sign hanging down further along, pointing to various things to the right, including the restaurant.

"Ah, well, going by the sign, the restaurant seems to be located to the right here."

"Oh, you no work here?" she asked.

It confused me for a second. I was wearing a pink fleece jacket, a dark red shirt with a California stencil, one of those black hip-bags and had an earphone from my MP3-player in my ear.

I mean, I had worked for this retail store... seven years ago. For two days. And at a different location.




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