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This is about my first day working at the service desk.

Everything was going great. I knew what I was doing, sort of. Not much was different at the service desk. Except you deal with mail there.

There were 2 of us at the service desk when this rudeness came up. I was with another customer doing an exchange and the other person (CW) had just finished, so she said she could help the next customer. We will call her Rude Customer (RC).

CW: I can help the next customer.

RC: (with an attitude) I'll just wait.

My co-worker just goes on doing something else as I finish up with my customer. Once I finish I take care of RC.

Me: I can help you right here ma'am.

RC: Yeah I just need 10 stamps.

Me: We are actually out of individual stamps right now but I can get you a book of stamps which has 20 in it.

RC: (all huffy puffy) I don't need 20 I need 10. Note this customer comes in every week for 10 stamps, so getting 20 would have been just fine. My co-worker jumps in to help because she deals with this everyday from people.

CW: We don't have 10 right now because we are waiting to refill the individual stamps. We can only get you 20.

RC starts to walk away before we can even say anything else.

RC: Yeah thanks, I'll have a nice day.

She then goes to my manager. The manager comes and asks us what happens just to hear our side of the story to make sure we didn't mess up big time.

We told them that the customer wanted 10 stamps and we only had the option for 20. After hearing this story my manager laughs and tells us that they were told by the customer that we act like we hate our jobs...all over some stamps.




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