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Optometry Hell: The Consequences of Denying a Return


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From OpalBooker, Tales From Retail:

I work for a large chain of glasses stores.

I came into work the other day to see that the women's bathroom (which is marked employees only but the doctor's office inside our store insists that customers need to be allowed to use) was marked out of order. It was busy enough that I couldn't ask what happened right away. A few hours later my GM walks by the manager's office where I'm taking a fifteen with gloves, a mop, and a plunger.

I finally get ask what was going on and she tells me that a few hours earlier, a customer came in complaining that her prescription was wrong and that she couldn't see. When her file was pulled up, the glasses turned out to be two years old.

We offer a 30 day return policy, including script changes. It's printed clearly and in large print on the back of every receipt. After two years, a prescription change is completely normal, and absolutely not something that we can exchange, especially not without a new prescription (which of course this woman didn't have anyway). The usual excuses about being too busy and how we should put our customers first ensued, naturally.

When my manager told this bitch that she couldn't do any kind of exchange, the woman went back to the doctor's office, presumably to set up an appointment. We thought it was over, but she proceeded to ask the doctor's staff to use our restroom and flushed an entire package of paper towels down the toilet. It overflowed quickly and the woman left without a word.

Just. Fucking why? You're a grown ass adult and you just flooded our bathroom on purpose? Fuck.

For the record, even after this the doctors insist that their customers deserve to use the in store bathroom.






You have her information on file. Have her charged with attempted destruction of property.




Thirded. Too bad you can't fine people for "acting like fucking toddlers".


Although after reading the first couple of lines, the end of the story was kind of a sigh of relief that it wasn't worse and didn't seem to involve any bodily waste or fluid

Tech Support Survivor

At the bare minimum she got a lifetime ban. Right?

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