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Retail Hell Memories: Entitled Custy After Bomb Scare Evacuation Announcement: "I have all I need. You can see to me quick."


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From TacoFupa, Tales From Retail:

This happened just over a year ago when working in a well - known British discount type shop. I have quite a few stories from the few months I worked there but this one sticks out like a sore thumb.

It was coming up to Christmas and the morning started as usual; restocking the Christmas food aisle. I'd only been in work for about an hour when I overheard a woman on her phone.

Woman: "Yeah, apparently there's a bomb in McDonald's".

I didn't think anything of it for some reason and carried on. 5 minutes later I hear my coworker on the intercom system... "This is a customer announcement. Unfortunately there is an emergency and we will have to ask you to quietly evacuate". As people started to make their way to the exit a couple police officers storm down the aisles to reiterate that we must all leave. Most people took a little while to understand but they all abandoned their baskets and left. I started to power walk around making sure all the customers were leaving. It started to feel very real for everyone. Except this one stubborn guy. He'll be SG and I'll be Me.

Me: "Excuse me, Sir. We have to evacuate right away".

SG: "I have all I need. You can see to me quick".

Me: "I can't do that. This is an emergency situation".

SG: "It's your job to tend to me!"

Me: "I'm sorry for the inconvenience but right now your safety is my priority".

At this point I see my manager giving me a look of "wtf are you doing?" as she stands by the exit.

SG: "Well?!"

Me: "Look, you'll have to come back another day. Apparently there's a--"

A police officer comes belting up behind me and takes over trying to convince him to evacuate.

PO: "Guys, we have a possible bomb in the perimeter of the shop. For your safety we have to evacuate you."

He finally drops his basket with a thump and we all make our way to the exit, but he clearly just couldn't not get another word in.

SG: "If I knew it was a bomb I'd have left ages ago!"

I said nothing and met with my coworkers outside as he disappeared down the street. Funny thing is that even if I wanted to assist him I was a stock assistant and had no idea how to work the tills.









"It's your job to tend to me!"
My job is not worth potentially BLOWING TO BITS! LEAVE!

"If I knew it was a bomb I'd have left ages ago!"
Honestly, I know they want to avoid panics, but being flat-out honest would speed things along.


We used to have a evacuation plan, but if I encountered a customer that wouldn't leave, and put my life in danger, I would have left them. Say hi to Darwin.


I have this problem all the time. I see parents with tiny babies pull this shit in fire evacuations (NOT drills). Then the fucking calls of "do I realy?", "Its so difficult to take the stairs", and shit like that...


"Its so difficult to take the stairs"
Yes, moving your legs is such a horrendously difficult thing to do... With toddlers, I could understand that. But tiny babies that you are already carrying in your arms?

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