Self Checkout Hell: Custy Says She Should Get a Discount For Doing It All Herself
Misfortune Cookie: You Suck



Argh, the dreaded Shopper Shuffle.

McHell Manager

Honestly if you are rushing to clock in, then you should probably start getting there a bit earlier.


Pretty much what I was thinking, McHell, have too many co-workers who think running in and clocking in on the hour is being on time. I call that late because they are obviously not ready to work when they clock in.


I've always been get there early. The one time the power failed and my clocks stopped, later restarting. I was almost 2 hours late. The owner said nice to see you. I said nice to be here. I found out at the time clock that I was 2 hours late. No problem, and nothing else said. I got a battery back up alarm clock after that, since the power would glitch for the next 2 years. Power transformer at the substation finally burned out, problem solved.


The only time I'm late for work is when I get my rota wrong. It's happened twice and I still managed to get there only 20 after they called.


Sometimes you get into trouble if you clock out too late and you are not authorized for overtime.

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