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From nmoleo64reader, Tales From Retail:

Customer comes into my shop and demands a manager.

I come over and ask him what the problem is. He says his printer he bought last week is broken and he wants a refund. I ask him what's wrong and he said "it makes funny noises, gives an error message, and won't print".

I assume it's broken but I take it out and plug it in.

I print something and sure enough, the same thing happens. I ask him if that's the error message he was getting and he says yes.

The error message was... "Out of paper"...

Cue me explaining that paper is not infinite and you have to put more paper in the printer when it runs out...








Misty Meanor

*bang head here*


This type of thing is why computer geeks didn't find one of the major plots of Office Space funny... Yes, there was a problem, but the thing TOLD them what the problem was... it was out of paper. It's not the printer's fault they were too stupid to figure out that it was out of paper. A moment's thought, or a few minutes on the internet, or RTFM, would have told them what it was.

Eddy Cator

I can't wait till he runs out of ink. He'll come in screaming "BUT I PUT PAPER IN IT!!!!!"


"Why should I plug it in, it's wireless"
"I understand. It provides you with wireless access to the internet from anywhere in your house. It still needs both a power supply, and a connection to the outside world"
"But it's wireless"
*bangs head on desk*
True Story. Took the call working for a major ISP when wireless was still fairly new technology

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