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From deena5, Tales From Retail:

So, I was working U-Scan at a pretty well known East coast grocery store. Now this lady comes into uscan with a cart full of groceries and they're mostly produce which means she needs to know the codes for them to ring it up.

After a while of her looking through the spindle for the codes she gets frustrated looking for the banana code. (LOL even the old people know it's 4011) anyways I'm just like "ma'am I'll do it for you if you just leave it on the scale."

She gives me the worst side eye, I'm thinking whatever she's probably new to the store.

Then after she's done ringing up her cucumbers she's all like "I should get a discount for doing it all by myself since you guys are SO understaffed."

I'm baffled. This lady is literally at U-SCAN with a cart full of produce and she needs a discount? As in U-scan yourself. I mean I don't mind helping people out but to demand a discount for doing something she should do by herself is just comical.

I don't even reply to her I just give her the usual retail smile and handed her the receipt.








"I should get a discount for doing it all by myself since you guys are SO understaffed."
You used a machine specifically designed for customers to ring themselves out. It's not like you jumped onto an empty register and helped others and yourself. (Which would have been forbidden, anyway)


No really the customer should get at least 25% off.


To be fair, all supermarkets in my country have dropped staffing levels by at least 50% (as in, there will usually be one cashier and the rest self-serve with an attendant) so this kind of complaint seems reasonable. I don't recall the prices dropping as staff were laid off.

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