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SERVER5From KingOfArms, TalesFromYourServer

Bartender here. Local bar. Two young girls walked in today. They were both on their phones, so I patiently waited for them to get off their phones; Didn't want to interrupt their conversation.

They ordered their drinks. "Absolutely. Do you happen to have your ID's on you?"

One of the girls started going on about "Do I look THAT young? I'm 26. Blahblahblahblah." Then she pulled out her ID. She was 26.

The other girl, however, didn't have her ID. It was in her car, she said. They took the other girl's car.

They were going on about how they didn't expect to get carded. We went back and forth for a minute; I asked why they would even go to a bar without their ID's. I assured them that it was a compliment.

Here's the bombshell.

"I understand that you're complimenting us, but bringing our ID's and presenting them at a bar is an inconvenience. You are inconveniencing me."

Not presenting your ID to me and putting up a fight when I ask is an inconvenience.

BARHELLI was still standing there and one girl said to the other, "I know another place. Let's go."

They got up and left. I shrugged it off. About 20 minutes later, they came back and sat in the same spot. The second they sat down, I was in the process of making a drink. Not really a drink--It was water. I put the ice in the cup, and right as they sat the one just piped up, "I need a Grey Goose. No ice. NO. I SAID NO ICE."

I looked over, said "I'll be right with you," poured the water and delivered it to the table. My coworker tried to serve them, but they specified that they wanted ME.

Two shots each. When they cashed out their $22 tab, they wrote $22 in the tip line. But they also wrote $22 as the total. So I took it as two young women that don't know how to act towards others or sign a receipt. It was a loss, but whatever. I deserved it--I carded them.

I just don't understand why people put up a huge fuss when they get carded. I'm sure some of you have had people blame you for them not having their ID's. What do you say to them?





"they didn't expect to get carded"
You are out to get alcohol, why wouldn't you get carded?

"I understand that you're complimenting us, but bringing our ID's and presenting them at a bar is an inconvenience. You are inconveniencing me."
*shrug* I'm not going to lose my license or get fined over an 'inconvenience'. Now, go get your ID or leave, please. You are inconveniencing the other patrons.

"I understand that you're complimenting us, but bringing our ID's and presenting them at a bar is an inconvenience."

"Serving you without checking your IDs is a crime. Do I need to call the police?"


"No ID, no sale" Where I live it's a AUD$7850 personal fine for ME if I do that, and probably lose my job, and the business will be audited by authorities. Nope, not gonna happen, ever.

"The maximum amount payable for each offence is expressed in the Act as penalty units. The dollar value of one penalty unit is $157 (as at 1 July 2016).
Liquor must not be sold or served to people on the
premises under the age of 18 years.
100 penalty units (50 for staff)
Applies to licensee, permit holder and staff
Liquor Licensing Act 1990 s70(1) and (2)"

Tech Support Survivor

Being carded is annoying sure, but suck it up, it's the law. When I have been carded I say one moment while I fumble to take it out of my wallet. They look at it, or half glance and that's it.

Okay it's more annoying to get it out of that plastic card holder thingy than to be asked for ID.


I never mind being asked for ID, even though I'm approaching 40. I realize the cashier is doing their job, and when I worked retail, I just refused the sale if they didn't have it.
I've forgotten mine, left in other pants, whatever, and I just go home and get it, rather than raise a stink


You know, I never fully understood the idea of leaving your driver's license in the car. If it was only used for showing that you are allowed to drive, I could understand it. But America basically uses the driver's license as THE ID CARD (since, far as I know, they don't have 'regular' IDs?) for practically everything. So, leaving it in the car (on purpose) seems dumb.

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