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So, the owner of the Café where I work is selling the place, and he (verbally) promised us that while the new owners remodel a little in the month of January, we would be compensated even though we technically wouldn't have any working hours. We were told we didn't have to look for new jobs, the new owners would pick us up with new contracts and a possible raise once the deed changed hands, and that he (the current owner) would compensate us for the time we weren't working if there is a delay in the buying, in addition to New Year's bonuses.

There is a huge delay in the buying. We have all been shift-less for three and a half weeks now, and we have not seen a penny of the compensation or the bonus he had promised us. None of us have any other jobs lined up because 1. we didn't think the purchasing process would take this long, and 2. he said we were financially covered by him even if it did.

Three of my fellow employees can't make rent, I'm down to the dregs of my savings, and he's avoiding any and all questions that we are firing at him because he knows we're all going broke waiting for this deal to go through. He keeps pushing back the purchasing date, but yesterday he dropped the bomb that the place may not be sold to these people after all. So now we could all possibly be very royally fucked.

Time to knock on some doors, I guess..





My utmost sympathies to you and your crew. My heartfelt advice is never trust management. I've been through similar situations in a different industry, and I learned that the more they reassure you that everything is fine, the worse things actually are, and the more urgently you need to bail a sinking ship. Dust off your resume ASAP, and start looking. I went through a similar phase when the outsourced company I worked for lost the support contract for a major telecom provider, so I learned the signs.
Good luck, and may Thrognar watch over you


Don't ever trust verbal advice or promises. At least, not when it involves your job. Cold, hard, physical proof in terms of written and signed papers. (Which would give you leverage in terms of breach of contracts. Cause written always beats verbal.)


Exactly, and thank you Lightning. I left that part out. ALWAYS get it in writing, preferably with unaffiliated witness signatures


Yeah, went through same thing too many times. When they make promises ("I think there's a raise in your future in six months." "No, we're not planning any layoffs..." "Yes, you can have Christmas off...") which are nebulous or they refuse to put in writing or they have no written policy about, start looking hard for another job.

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